Our Mission

Although our primary focus is on card-related fraud, Mindwise is more than just an analytics tool for stolen card data- it is a comprehensive, real-time monitoring platform that provides users with the capability to monitor their exposure, mitigate threats, and develop a tailored fraud prevention solution that is fundamentally proactive instead of reactive. Instead of trying to contain the damage, Mindwise prevents the loss from ever occurring.

Offering immediate, effective mitigation strategies for threats identified is our top priority.

At MINDWISE, we affirm that the best solution to fraud/identity theft is to prevent it altogether. The MindWise platform is built around this principle. We don’t react; we don’t need to. Rather, we immediately secure at-risk client accounts and data before it can be exchanged or disclosed on the internet. All client data is housed with industry-standard encryption protocols – both at rest and in transit. Our documented and production-ready API provides a means of seamlessly and securely integrating existing technical infrastructure with our product.

We work tirelessly to prevent fraud so that you don’t have to.

Our solution is preventative – we are not managing the fallout, we are outright stopping the event from occurring. Our current software implementations aim to reduce the cost that fraudulent transactions incur upon every party involved- whether that be the merchant, the payment gateway, the card issuer/bank, or the consumer. Identifying meaningful threats in real-time, our system feeds you immediate insight into potential risks while simultaneously offering instant mitigation strategies. Our analysts organize and report identified areas of risk for decision-making parties.

Our Solution

Timing is Crucial

The MINDWISE platform is never idle. It is continually searching, detecting, and aggregating new data. With Mindwise, you can be confident your customer’s data is under real-time surveillance. If their information surfaces anywhere on the internet, all parties are informed and provided with immediate, effective risk-mitigation strategies. Our team works tirelessly to ensure you receive a solution that meets your needs. You tell us what to look for, and we will find it.

Anticipate, intercept, and prevent.

Our platform accommodates a wide array of standard use-cases but can be further customized with help from one of our fraud prevention experts. We anticipate: identifying all threat actors before they impact our clients. We intercept: our platform instantly associates data processed in real-time and notifies affected parties. We prevent: using actionable intelligence; we provide immediate mitigation solutions that tailor to each client’s needs.

Instant Mitigation

We notify clients immediately if customer data becomes exposed or is offered up for sale on the internet. Then, we provide real, immediate solutions. Mindwise can remove customer data outright from a source, or provide ample Personable Identifiable Information (PII) to pinpoint the affected customer and assign a RiskScore. This data is used to protect the user before they fall victim to fraud or identity theft.