Industrial Identity Theft & What It Means In 2018

The scale of identity theft has reached an industrial scale that deserves attention as its own economic sector within the larger cybercriminal economy that thrives off the sale of such information. Recently, MINDWISE continuous monitoring systems notified our personnel of a potential emerging threat to consumer identity theft- often called SSN, or simply “base” – this refers to the sale of a Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and associated address history (all of which are more than sufficient to be used to open up phony bank accounts in the holders name, open up new lines of credit, etc..). The sale and use of such information poses a very real threat to average consumer’s whose private information is, for those over the age of the 35 (why this is the case, deserves its own post) widely available on a multitude of marketplaces for immediate purchase.

Arguably the most thriving and active marketplace where cardholder information (both the physical data/magnetic information from the card used to make fraudulent in-person transactions, and “cvv” – consisting of all information visible on the card + the billing information of the cardholder) recently responded to market demand by implementing a convenient and scary effective lookup service.

To quote the market admins: “By popular demand we have partnered with best SSN providers on the market to bring you the most accurate SSN search & data.” In other words, you can quickly lookup someone’s SSN by only knowing their name and state of residence.

True to their word, I was able to locate my social security number, date of birth, and address history and immediately purchase it – on an interface that boasts the convenience and responsive UI of an enterprise level e-commerce application.

The service even offers a convenient bulk lookup service, allowing criminals to upload enormous files of potential victims for immediate processing and purchase.

MINDWISE is working to present a platform allowing consumers to perform a secure search for their information on such marketplaces – in real time – and be presented with immediate mitigation options. Instead of waiting for this information to be bought, used, and detected by a service like LifeLock – MINDWISE seeks to pre-empt the use of the information entirely, thereby avoiding the fraudulent action that triggered a “LifeLock” alert. Our team will continuously monitor for such developments and seeks to maintain complete coverage on every marketplace where such information is bought and sold- thereby reducing a potential attack surface to none and providing real, effective fraud-prevention in a uniquely preventive capacity. For more information, please email We can work to secure your information on an individual or organization level- whether that be cardholder information, server access credentials, or social security numbers/sensitive documentation.

MINDWISE maintains an extensive network of HUMINT assets that allow for us to identify your data BEFORE it is put up for sale on any marketplace, and a means to detect any information IF it does emerge for sale.

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