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MindWise is a comprehensive, preventative, global monitoring solution with active software implementations for fraud prevention in the financial sphere. 

Real Time Actionable Intelligence

Active Threat Mitigation

Meaningful Reporting

MindWise tracks risk everywhere and eliminates the threat at the source

“Compliance is asking you to put a lock on the door. Security is making sure you lock it every day.”

-PCI Security Standards Council


Cyber Crime Gangs Continue to Organize Sophisticated Operations to Steal Vast Amounts of Data  Before Selling it to Thriving Underground Marketplaces and Communities. 

They Are Skilled, Well Armed, and Well Prepared. Shouldn't you be too?

Credit and debit card data theft is one of the earliest forms of cybercrime, yet it persists today

Cybercrime gangs organize sophisticated operations to steal vast amounts of data before selling it in underground marketplaces

Criminals can use the data stolen from a card’s magnetic strip to create clones

It’s a lucrative business, with individual cards selling for up to US $130

Real-time search and detection allows your team to strike first

By stopping the card's sale at the source, Mindwise breaks the chain reaction of fraudulent activities

Consider us your new and improved anti-fraud team: we improve your business outcomes ten-fold

A Thriving Illicit Marketplace Where Card Data is Sold

1 K
Card Chronicled per Day
Cards Detected
Major Data Breaches Exposed

We have 8 years experience in the Industry

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